There are two types of garage sales

The kind where you want to make money, and the kind where you’re trying to get rid of stuff.  We were soooooooo having the second kind.  My friend Brooke and I had been conspiring to have a real garage sale of our very own, and we finally got it done last weekend.   Ok, it was more like I had this giant pile of garage sale worthy things and I found out Brooke wanted to have a garage sale so I basically added my stuff to hers.  Anyway… I have to say that for our first ever garage sale, we were pretty darn successful.  Success being measured by the least amount of stuff left at the end of the sale.  It’s such a freeing thing to be willing to take pretty much any offer on something because if YOU take it, then I don’t have to load it in my car and drive it to the donation store.  We didn’t do too bad on our sale total either.  It was also just fun meeting our shoppers and seeing people find ‘treasures’ that they needed that we just didn’t need anymore.  On Day 1, we weren’t even done setting up (we started at 8am) and we had about 7 or 8 people there already!  You people are serious! =)   And all the stuff that our husbands thought NO ONE would buy – sold quite easily thankyouverymuch. =)  A few things I just couldn’t charge for – like the brand new cassette tapes.  Instead they were “free to a good home” – and they were.

The weather cooperated, even though we had a bit of a downpour at the end of Day 1, it was hilarious getting everything into the garage as fast as we could.  And honestly, the rain felt great.  Day 2 was sunny and hot, but thanks to the best tree ever in Brooke’s front yard, we had shade all day.  My friend Charlene and her daughter Lizzie stopped by and brought us coffee and donuts one day (BLESS YOU!) and a few more things to sell on another. (The hanging baskets sold in less than 5 minutes).  We met awesome people like Patty, who bought Brooke’s denim shower curtain (with pocket), and I believe her craft room is going to be well stocked. =)  At the end of Day 2 we were getting low on stuff, and all the big items were gone, thank goodness, but we needed to sell more stuff, so we dropped everything to 25 cents a piece.  My logic being that people would buy something just because it’s 25 cents, just in case it fits, or they might need it.  It worked pretty well.  I’d say after we started the 25 cent deal, we sold another third of what we had left pretty quickly.  After we were done with Day 2, we loaded everything up in my car (because it FIT!) and I drove straight to the Salvation Army donation drop off store and handed it all over to those lovely people.  Most of what was left were books, clothes, photo frames and kitchen stuff – still good things.   So thank you to our husbands for helping us move stuff around, thanks to my garage sale buddy for working so hard to get things set up and being wonderful company for 2 days sitting in your driveway, thank you to our Dunkin Donut angels, and thank you very much to all the folks that came out and shopped!  Until the next time we accumulate enough stuff to warrant a sale…

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  • a - I LOVE this post…I am gearing up for the same thing…and yes you did make garage sale pictures look amamzing:)!!!!!!

  • Heather - Aren’t they fun?! I agree…nothing ever comes back inside my house so I am all about making deals and getting it in the hands of someone else. Amazing to live somewhere where people actually come to your house for a garage sale, isn’t it? So glad you had a fun time!

    And I seriously hope those black flat shoes with the red inside them were not size 11’s. I need those.

  • Katie in MA - Now THAT is how to have a successful garage sale! (Also – huzzah for the Sox cap!)

  • Bob R. Smith - I totally would have bought the thighmaster and framed it just to prove for all time that one of you owned one. That’s just how I am.

  • Chelsey | MachC Photography - Okay … going to need your help! We’re having one of these at the end of the month! Funny enough, I think I have one of your dollar frames. Crazy!

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