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So, after much delay, more Fire Starter Session review/highlighting goodness:

Sometimes life is like cooking on a stove.  You’ve got things on the front burner and things that may be sitting on the back burner so long that you’ve forgotten what exactly you were trying to cook.  Well, summer is crazy busy around here, so I had to put reading the Fire Starter Sessions on the back burner for a bit.  Not because I didn’t have time to physically read it.  I could do that, but it’s not a read-it-once-and-put-it-away kind of experience.  You interact with this thing.  You argue with it, with yourself.  There are worksheets to complete, videos to watch, and watch again.  I want to absorb it,  not just read it.

Not too long ago I was stuck in a hotel by myself in Austin. Thanks to a handy iphone app called GoodReader, I was able to load the entire Fire Starter Sessions e-book on my phone and take it with me as opposed to printing it all.  All I printed were the worksheets.  The section I was focusing on was all about feelings.  More specifically, as Danielle puts it…

“First you get clear on how you want to feel.  Then you do stuff that makes you feel that way.”

Now, I’m a pretty emotionally transparent person, and I admit to relying on my feelings a lot in my daily life, so it wasn’t a big stretch for me to get where she was coming from.  I could imagine though if you were more of a Spock than a Kirk, you might have trouble jumping on the feelings train.  However, I think Danielle lays out her points well for both groups.  For the folks like me who are already willing to admit that we are driven by emotions a lot of the time, she makes sense and adds more structure and direction about how to organize and turn those feelings into actions that result in you reaching your goals.  For the other folks, she makes a clear and logical case for how feelings are clearly tied to motivation and desired behaviors, and how examining those feelings FIRST will save us time and keep us on track to achieve what we REALLY want.  She takes you from big, grand, broad feelings to feelings specific to you and your business or objectives, and then walks you right into choosing the next steps you can take to get there.

Her message is clear and simple and easy to understand.  She even gets into how we (especially those of us partial to guilt and self-judgment) need to get out of our own way sometimes. Plus, the video is amazing!

The worksheets are great for this one and I highly encourage you to set aside time and DWELL on this stuff.  It is so worth it.  That’s one of the things I love about the Fire Starter Sessions.  No matter where she starts or takes you, the worksheets (as long as you actually DO THEM) take you down a path that leads to you taking action!  That’s what this is all about right? Doing something about it.

Well, there’s more to come soon, thanks for reading.  If you are are interested in checking out the Fire Starter Sessions, head over here to White Hot Truth {this is an affiliate link} and learn even more.  If you want to read what I’ve written so far about the Sessions, you can read Part 1 and Part 2.

Live intentionally!

Another cool “Feelings” video...  =)

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  • Katie in MA - Now that is a philosophy I can absolutely get behind! I love when really cool, smart people validate what I’ve been doing. 🙂

  • Danielle LaPorte - Karyn,

    thank you, with all my heart, for your thoughtful and clear (and ra-ra) reviewing of The Fire Starter Sessions. I’m totally jazzed that you’re really playing with the…fire.


  • Karyn - Thank you Danielle!

  • Mark Brenwall - That quote: “First you get clear on how you want to feel. Then you do stuff that makes you feel that way.” – is really amazing. How many times have I just kept doing something and completely disregarding how I was feeling? Too many. This is a revolutionary way to think for many people.

    Thanks for sharing.

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