Oh, no she didn’t….

photo credit: my sister

Touch the suit? Eh, that’s ok. Earn a blue A ribbon at the fair for her sewing project? (Yep!)

What SHE did was go and turn 9!  That’s what I get for having to miss her birthdays so much because all my silly friends decided that this was the best time of year to get married. 😉

Have a wonderful super awesome birthday Delaney!! We love you!!

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  • Katie in MA - She clearly rocks! Happy birthday to Delaney!

  • Heather - That’s my girl!* She is having a good day of no chores, good weather, early-morning doughnut run with dad (5:45), and G & G coming soon. She even had a friend call her to say happy birthday and chat, which made the whole 9-years-old thing seem very real.

    *And of course, being the rule-follower I am, I must point out that there were steps in the back of the space suit that you *were* supposed to climb up and be a pretend astronaut. : )

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