Send a note to a friend right now.

I found a note on my computer yesterday that I wrote to a friend almost 2 years ago. It was a very personal – I’m so happy for you – note that I wrote to her right after her wedding. I could not for the life of me remember if I had ever sent it to her or not, so I just did.  Right then.  Honestly it’s the kind of letter that you wouldn’t mind getting 2 years late, or twice for that matter, but just the fact that I may not have ever sent it bothered me. Like, why in the world didn’t I send this when I wrote it? Or at least left myself a note saying YOU SENT THIS ALREADY IT’S OK. (I have since left myself a new note).

It just makes me want to touch base with everyone, even if it’s just a friendly Facebook hello. Spending the time to say hi, share a memory or happy thought, or leave a wonderful rambling voice mail that requires you to call BACK to leave more voice mail because SOMEBODY’S voice mail space is super short and cuts me off all the time…

Anyway, chances are you are like me and life just keeps happening and you just keep going along with it and rarely take those 5 minutes just to let the ones you lean on and care about know that you are thinking of them – even when everything is hunky dory. So right now I’m telling you to just stop what you are doing – just do it – and send someone a message. Heck, text them a silly picture of yourself on your phone. It doesn’t matter WHAT it is, just send a message to someone. Share some love.

Happy Tuesday people!

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  • Katie in MA - You with the good ideas this past week: I love them but ohmygosh the homework that comes with them! 😉

  • Karyn - There is no need for homework. Send a text msg. =) Done.

  • Karla - As the friend who received that letter… I amazingly super DITTO what you said… and I must say, I’m pretty excited that often I am also the recipient of that rambling voice mail! Sometimes, if the messages last a really long time and I can’t listen to them all right then, I’ll hang up… then will be surprised by the rambling voicemail when it pops back in to my life a few days/weeks later!

    I miss you… Why is Texas so far away?

  • Chelsey | MachC Photography - Awwww, you just reminded me how one of my friends and I do that … just send silly text messages and phone pics – randomly … weeks, months will go by and then … there’s a silly pic of the kids or us “waiting at the doctor’s office” … it just reminds us that we’re close by, despite the miles that separate us.

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