Beach Days & Birthdays | Sneak Peek

I spent the last week in a magical place where the daily high was about 83 degrees.  Yes, I’m talking about Ohio in summer time.  Now to hear my family and friends, it was hot, or humid or something.  To me, after this summer of always too many 100 and something degree days, every moment was the best weather ever.  I know our time will come when Texas will be the comfortable place to be, but this week was a wonderful reprieve from the heat.  While I was in Ohio I saw so many friends and family and had soooooo much fun doing photo sessions with a whole lotta people.  =)  So look forward to many posts stuffed with photos of sneak peeks and of those people and places I hold near and dear.

To start off the week, I went up north and got to spend time with my college roommate and tons of friends for her 30th BIRTHDAY (photos not included, hehe) !!!  Woohoo! Of course, while I was there, we took some family pics out on the beach!  These guys will NOT stop growing. They are just too cute for words.  But I will say they are reeeeaaally good at throwing sand. 😉

The windup…

Yipee! More photos and sneak peeks are coming soon so stay tuned!!!

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  • JaNae - Love them! Can’t wait to see the rest–and the not published ones too!

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