Driving to Austin can be sooo boring, or Thank goodness for good audio books

(why? because you know you missed him. And, how can I not show you his super kitty cuteness powers. they’re real.)

I just got back from Austin, again.  Whew.  No more trips there for awhile thank goodness.  It’s not that I don’t love Austin, but these down and back trips where I get into town in the evening, and leave the next afternoon are no way to enjoy Austin.  However, even if you are not trying to see the sights or make an experience out of it – Austin still finds a way to keep you entertained.  This trip for instance, involved a lovely hotel FULL of humming, singing, slightly neurotic  American Idol hopefuls.  Who knows, maybe the kid who wandered into the snack shop barefoot with his girlfriend, singing little parts of songs not-so-much-to-himself will be the next – person who ends up freaking out because he doesn’t make it. No, that’s mean.  Seriously kid, good luck.

However, the line of people winding around for hundreds of yards on campus today was not in fact the line for tryouts.  It was apparently the line to get in to see Mr. President speak today.  Yup, President Obama just happened to have a speech/press thing schedule 2 buildings down from us today.  At least the parking garage (that was very far away) was free.  I wonder if any of the Idol kids ended up in the Obama line by mistake – or vice-versa.  How awkward.

The part that just gets me the most is the back to back long drive to and from Austin.  Thankfully again this time I was still listening to Eat, Pray, Love.   Although, on the way down, the calmness and serenity conveyed by the book was not helping me overcome the urge to argue aloud with some of the other drivers on the road.  Goooo.  I will say that I am happy to announce that I am about 5 lbs lighter than the last time I went to Austin. =) yippee!

The trip back was less stressful and had far fewer Drifters, Weavers and SlowDownForNoReasoners.  So that was nice.  Anyhow, I’m back home now.  I ended my day with a lovely client meeting that got me over my driving blahs and all excited for what will certainly be an epically wonderful wedding this fall!  I can’t wait!

The rest of this week is going to be nuts.  Lots of shoots and meetings and seeing awesome people.

Oh! And this Thursday is the 6th Annual Back to School Roundup here in Tarrant County!!! So if you haven’t donated this year, please go read all about it and chip in a little something to help these kids go to school ready to learn!  I’ll be there taking pictures of all the wonderful activities and adorable families!!

See ya later alligators!

Seriously woman? Again?

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