My New Dream Album is Here!!!

Finally, after much waiting and waiting and checking and re-checking my email and that UPS tracking code a million times, it came. My new wonderful glorious sample album from the wonderful people at Dream Album has arrived, and it’s filled with images of my awesome clients! I took a few shots of it to show you, but it really is much better in person. If you would like to see it in real life and feel how wonderful it is, just call me. I’d be happy to show it to you. It’s not one of those look-but-don’t-touch albums. This thing is made to be looked through over and over again and you just want to touch every page. You can’t help it! Seriously, call me up. We’ll have coffee and I’ll bring Dreamy along to share. =)

I’m so excited to be offering this album now!!!  I loves it.

Download PDF

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