Wonder Twin Powers Activate! | Form of Sneak Peek!

I’ve been waiting to use that title until the right people came along, and boys, you are the right people.  They are stinkin’ cute, sly, and are putting their parents and big brother through an exercise in not-ever-wanting-to-do-the-same-thing-at-the-same-time.  First L was all happiness and flirty looks.  Seriously, Mandi, you need to watch that one.  M is the worrier, the concerned brother.  He’ll probably be the one who says, “Hey L, how about we don’t try and jump off the roof into the swimming pool”.   Of course once his brother was grumpy and down for the count, M got all smiles and cuteness.   I guess they’re just getting good at taking turns.

He’s already quoting Austin Powers! 😉

There’s nothing like sibling running commentary. 😉

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  • Katie in MA - The only thing better than one baby is two of them. Sigh. Too much cuteness!!

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