More of my people | family photos from Ohio

Hello. My name is Karyn.  It has been 10 days since my last blog post.

Sorry! It’s been like busy around here or something and while posting has certainly been on my mind it hasn’t been able to fight it’s way to the top of the todo list – until now. Finally.  This post is part sneak peek / part hey here’s my family!  Did I mention that while I was home in Ohio visiting that I took tons of photos of my family – as in I may have made several of them do photo sessions with me?   Well, I did.   Of course with my sister and her family that whole time is like a photo session because they are just non-stop and fun to take photos of anyway, but there may have been a few moments of organization to it this time.   So Heather, please enjoy this part Happy Anniversary/Family/Kid/Fun Shoot Extended Sneak Peek.

Possibly the fastest girl on the planet. Seriously.

Future fashion designer, or physicist, who knows! =)

There is a special kind of photo when you aren’t just ‘the photographer’ but Silly Aunt Karyn, too. 😉

I am very happy to see that my love for cats continues in the family, even if it skipped my sister. =)

Of course sometimes that love may not always be shared by the cats 😉

They keep telling me we have lots in common 😉

Ah. That look. I remember that one. =)  (love you sis!)

I asked her to make her “Yay! Dad’s home!” face  =)


just add tickling…

And somebody just got awesome on the bike with no training wheels!!!

Budding photographer, rocket scientist and chess master…

and his equally awesome sparring partner… =)

Just another glimpse into my wonderful trip home.

Enjoy sister! More to come!!!

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  • Katie in MA - What a truly fabulous family you have. You can tell you had so much fun catching up with everyone! It’s tough being so far away, but trips home like that are so, so much sweeter for all the time spent apart, aren’t they?

  • Gwen - LOVE the pics Karyn! Wow – have you captured everyone’s personalities SOOOO well! I love your family! And how cute that you caught Heather’s “look.” I always have loved that “look.” Hehe. Your nieces and nephews are growing by leaps and bounds, and how cool that their Aunt Karyn is keeping a chronicle of it all! 🙂 WAY TO GO!

  • Heather - Priceless…beautiful work…no adjectives will suffice…THANK YOU

  • Mary Anne Morgan - Love these, Karyn. Especially love the one with the three images using different points of focus. Great work!

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