Some very mundane details

I know, I know, it’s been MORE than 2 weeks since I posted.   Did I mention that October has basically slapped me in the face with busy (yes, this is what it looks like to get slapped by a month).  I’m getting through, it’s not that bad.  I’m just juggling many completely different things and this blog post thing just hasn’t happened.  Anyhow, it’s been a crazy end of summer and start of fall all around.  I’ve been working on some big projects in the evaluation (non-photo) area that have been taking up most of my time lately.  Good projects but they all seem to happen at once.  On the photo front things are starting to get busy again with quite a few fall sessions coming up and a big fun wedding coming up this weekend!!  I shoot very few weddings per year, so when they come around they are extra special and exciting.

What else, oh I made my first batch of caramel popcorn this year and we carved pumpkins and made apple cider slushies the other weekend.    There is some good food being made these days.  One of my friends made Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffins! and another friend actually made REAL hostess chocolate cupcakes, with the filling and little loops on top and everything! They were all delicious.  The cat is, well, the cat.  His new obsession is sitting in the open window for hours at a time, now that we have new working windows with screens and he gets to pretend he’s a worldly outside cat.

I made a couple trips home to see family and friends, as I’ve mentioned.  It was great to see everyone and celebrate a wedding and I have soo many photos still to post from the trips.

We were originally going to take a vacation and go somewhere this fall, but that has morphed into taking a staycation (yes, I totally just used that word) and going crazy on the house.  The Big Hairy To-Do list doesn’t stand a chance.  We are going to be PAINTING FOOLS.  The entire living room is getting painted (ceiling included), as well as the outside wood parts of the house.   We have to rent scaffolding.  Um, this should be interesting.  Also – J is busy building me a brand new shiny (well, not shiny) mantle for the living room to replace the one-that-had-no-business-being-put-in-this-house-and-isn’t-even-level-and-doesn’t-match-ANYTHING.  I am very excited about the new mantle, can you tell?  Possibly happening soon (if not right away) will be the actual doing something about our plan to expand the back porch area.  Somehow.  It changes a little every time we talk about it 😉

So, in addition to a million little other things, that’s what’s up.   Sorry for the silence.  I’ll try to at least post some photos up even if I don’t have time to write in the near future.  I DO still have plans for many more SheRocks posts and lots of stuff.   Just working through all the stuff as fast as I can, and still trying to have a bit of a life. =)

Happy Day!!   =)

credit: thanks Catie for taking the photo =)

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  • Todd - What’s up Karyn? Hope you are very well. Hope you are enjoy your Fall in Texas. Good to see you doing well!

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