What’s the first song you learned to play on the piano? Do you still play?

Being home, playing on the piano with my nieces and nephews…and sister, renews my need for a piano of some sort in this house.  Now, I’m sure at some point I’ll manage to get a good keyboard at least.  Someday, should we happen upon a handy estate sale or auction or something with a cheapo piano for sale, I am all over that.   And yes, it’s one of those things that unless you are diligently practicing for some recital type thing  – you aren’t likely to play all the time.  But it’s there when you need it.  When you feel like teaching your niece Axel F and spending 30 minutes just hanging out at the piano together – it’s there.  When your friends come over and you want to play them the 3 songs you still have memorized, it’s there.  When you want to learn how to play the piano part for that Ingrid Michaelson song, it’s there.  When you sit down with your sister and start a Heart and Soul jam session that amazes her kids, despite that out of tune low C that Mom refuses to fix, it’s there. =)

Anyhow…. back to my question – do you remember your first, or even just your favorite song that you learned on the piano? And if you get the chance – do you still sit down and play some chopsticks?

Ah! I knew I forgot to teach them one! Next time. =)

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  • kim @ mommyknows - Mary had a little lamb!

    I never had proper lessons. I just played when I was at my Grandmas.

    I love to learn and play properly.

  • Heather - Love this pic of D so much.

    Like to think of myself as a low-maintenance wife. The only “demand” I made up front? Must…have…piano. : )

    Loved jammin’ with you.

    First song I learned…Mother, May I, of course, from Dad, on the old (white?) piano at Miami-Shelby house.

  • Heather - Love%20this%20pic%20of%20D%20so%20much.%20




  • Katie in MA - I am one of the few kids never forced to learn. Sadly. I keep trying to get my IO to teach me, but when the keyboard’s far, far away at his house, lessons just never seems to work out.

  • Karla - Little Spring Song… From the ‘red’ piano book that everyone played! I can’t remember what it’s called… but you know the bookd! I think I played it for my first recital (when Dana was my piano teacher). I still remember it (and I STILL get the notes in the bass clef wrong at the very end). I have to say, having a piano in the house, even though it mostly serves to gather dust, is a wonderful escape! I only wish I could play better so that I could actually play the Tori Amos songs for ‘Easy’ Piano that I now pick my way through. Easy piano my foot…

  • Karla - Little Spring Song from the ‘red’ piano book that everyone learned from! I can’t remember the name of the book… but you know what it is! I still play that song (and I still get the bass clef notes at the very end of the song wrong). I have to say that having a piano in the house provides some sense of comfort and really makes it feel like a home! Even if it mostly serves to collect dust and remind me that I’m really not that good… I can dream about one day being able to actually PLAY the Tori Amos for ‘Easy’ piano songs instead of just picking through them. Easy piano my foot…

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