Happy Thanksgiving or ‘what do you expect a pregnant woman to do with fried chicken’

So, we started taking the obligatory weekly pregnancy pics a couple weeks ago (this is last week’s pic).  I feel like I should do something a little more creative with them, but more importantly, I want to do something with at least some decent lighting.  I mean, it’s basically the ‘Watch Me Slowly Turn Into a Whale” show, so I should at least have something going for me.  Thankfully, I have the perfect inspiration from Pacing the Panic Room (scroll down the page to see all the weekly posts).  Now she is the cutest pregnant woman ever, so please don’t compare too much.  I just liked the idea of well lit pics with little messages on them.  They’ll all be ready and worthy to go in the baby book when I get around to making it =)  I can’t promise I’ll post them all here.  I’m still trying to decide on that one.   Honestly it’s more of a will-i-remember-to-get-that-done-every-week thing than an oh-no-please-don’t-look-at-me thing.  But really, what could look sillier than a grown woman chowing down on fried chicken.  Maybe eventually I will do that shot and balance the plate on my belly 😉

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week! We’ll be doing lots of cooking and getting ready for LETS-FRY-A-WHOLE-BIRD version 2, and walking this year’s Turkey Trot.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I realize this is not a belly profile shot, but seriously – who takes a picture of a person eating chicken from the side. 😉

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  • jessica - I LOVE it!!! I love that series on Pacing the Panic Room! I’m so excited to see the photos you have in the coming weeks!

  • Mary Anne Morgan - oh my goodness!!! I didn’t know you were pregnant! I am living in a black hole I guess!!! Congratulations. I am so happy for you!

  • Heather - Love it. Of course do it every week….we must live vicariously through your photography. I may start lining up songs to sing/play to the little one through oovoo each week while you hold the speaker up to your belly. Indoctrination begins early!

  • Karyn - Man, I need new highlights.

  • Stacy Landry - You are just the cutest pregnant woman i’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy it all, hope you feel better and of course congratulations!!!

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