Painting Palooza, or why I haven’t posted in well over a week…

5 brushes (washed repeatedly)

7 roller covers

6 paint pan liners

2 paint pans

8 gallons of paint

1 set of scaffolding

1 ladder

1 step stool

10 plastic floor covers

4 rolls of painters tape

1 finicky internet radio

1 lonely and irritated cat

2 great friends

1 great neighbor who brought us dinner!!!

over 2,400 sq. feet of surface area painted

I could go on.  Oh, yeah, 2 paint cups.  Those things are awesome.  So yes, we painted a whole bunch of our house last week.  It took us an entire week of work with 6 active painting days (morning to night) to get it done.  We painted all of the wood areas of the outside of our house.  The house is brick, but we have a whole lot of wood areas too – like those big triangles – 4 of them.  Overall the outside area we painted was over 1,300 sq. ft.  Fun times.  Inside, we ‘only’ painted our living room and the foyer area.  About 1,100 sq. ft.   We both took the whole week off to work on it every day and get it done.  We had a couple of friends who were able to come help out some, and we are super grateful to you Sam and Jeffiner!!!  But for most of the week, it was just me and J. =)  Even though I may be preggo and all that, I still did all I could and painted most of the low stuff, and man do I have the toned arms to show for it this week. Seriously.  Holding your arms above your head painting for 6 days will work some muscle.  J, or shall I call him Michelangelo, was the one doing all the fun high stuff.  We were so glad to have the scaffolding but so ready to see it go at the end of the week.  All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for wheels!!!

Biggest jokes of the week

– my habit of resting a roller full of paint on my pants.

– all the Sis-teen Chapel references when J had to lie on his back and paint the ceiling

– J climbing into the shrubs to paint

– having to stop every 15 minutes or so to wake the radio up from sleep mode so it would keep playing…all week.

– various Alice in Wonderful songs 😉

– the frequency of  “do I have paint on my face?”

The cat was so excited we took the screen cover off.  He sat there all day and watched the world go by… and the squirrels.

You see a shrub, he sees a ladder.

Staging area #2….

Got to break out all the old t-shirts.

Checking, and rechecking….

After all that work we finally have a freshly painted house and living room and everything’s back to normal.  Mostly =)  Also after we finished, we headed down to San Antonio for two days to enjoy some relaxation, awesome food and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! Woohoo!!  We found a GREAT German deli that has the BEST cheesecake.  I may go back just for the cheesecake =)

Happy kitty glad that we are finally home and sitting down. =)

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  • Heather - Excellent! Huge painting projects are a good 6-year anniversary marriage strengthener. ; ) Love all the pics.

  • Heather - Excellent! Huge painting projects are a good 6-year anniversary marriage strengthener. :)Love all the pics.

  • JaNae - Great pictures and Happy Anniversary! It makes me tired and my arms hurt just thinking about all that painting.

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