Smells So Good!! | DFW’s own Barcelona Bath & Body | She Rocks Series

Let me introduce you to Rachel.  Rachel is amazing.  She MAKES all the wonderful goodies for her business and has the COOLEST home workspace ever.   Her company is Barcelona Bath & Body.  Oh, and yeah, she created all her own fragrances and they are sooooooo goood.   I met Rachel at a networking luncheon in Fort Worth and I’m so glad I did!  Not only did I make a new friend, I now have THE source for all kinds of good smelling soaps, candles, sachets and sprays and MORE to put in my house.  And let me tell you – these things work.  Her little sachets are great (she sells a 5 pack that lets you try all of her fragrances) and can make even the most stuffy…ahem…bathroom areas….smell lovely.  I’ll let you read about her in her own words!

1. If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why?

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman. What girl who grew up in the 70s could resist? The changing clothes via a simple spin, the indestructible bracelets, the girl power….ahhh. And the lasso of truth, gorgeous baby blues and fabulous big hair are nothing to sneeze at!

2. What is your favorite thing about your business?

Having the freedom to do what I love and set my own priorities.

3. What are three things that make you happy?

Being married to my soul mate—we’re celebrating the 21st anniversary of our first date this month J My cozy bed—Sleep Number pillow-top mattress with high-thread count sateen sheets and hypoallergenic down comforter—heaven on earth! Hanging out with friends and family—I love to laugh.

4. What advice would you give other women who want to run their own business?

I highly recommend it! That said, be ready to work on yourself. I’ve found entrepreneurship to be a great big magnifying mirror showing you your strengths and weaknesses. I feel I’ve put as much effort into personal development as business development and I’m a better, stronger woman for it. I don’t think I’d have had the insight or the motivation as an employee that owning a business I’m passionate about has given me.

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, and what would you want to do there?

My fantasy trip is a dining/spa tour of the Mediterranean, starting with Barcelona , Spain and continuing through France , Italy and Greece . Yum!

So what exactly do you do…?

I create and sell aromachology-based home fragrance and personal care products that empower customers to set a mood of balance for their life. My current product offering includes luxurious soaps, soy candles, room sprays and sachets that I ship to wholesale and retail customers nationally/internationally. Right now I’m focused on some exciting new body products that I’ll be launching this fall—lotion, body scrub and liquid shower soap.

Rachel invited me to come and see her awesome workshop (it’s a crafty persons dream!) and show it off to you, and then we hopped around town to some of her favorite places. =)

She has her OWN packing peanut dispenser!!!! How cool is that.

She totally gets her own power tools. =)

And she’s probably the most creative repurposer (real word, just made it real) I’ve ever met.

And just take Rachel’s word for it, the soap carver is sharp.  Very sharp.  😉

Looks like Wonder Woman to me…

We headed over to Rachel’s favorite flower shop, The Diamond Rose in Euless.  Gorgeous flowers, arrangements and all kinds of adorable gifts. =)

She took me to one of her favorite restaurants on 121 – La Hacienda Ranch.  Um, WHY has no one mentioned this place before!  Best tortilla soup I’ve ever had. Ever. Wonderful food and great atmosphere.  Just watch out for the bear. =)

So thank you Rachel for being in the She Rocks Series and showing us how you work and make all your wonderful products!! I do have it on good authority – because she told me – that Rachel is working on a few new products that are going to be awesome!  So go check out her site and her Facebook page and say hi and become a fan!  Her products are great for your home and make great thank you gifts and holiday gifts.

I have to confess that my favorite scent is Cinnamon Sandalwood.  Oh my goodness it’s awesome.  I keep that one on my desk. =)  If you want to contact Rachel about ordering her products, just visit her website at She has all kinds of goodies and deals, so check it out!

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  • Donna Maria Coles Johnson - These photos are awesome. Just about as awesome as Rachel. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer - Wow- what an original interview. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you both for sharing Rachel’s workspace and product and Karyn, for sharing your photos! As the spammers say..I am going to subscribe to your blog 😉 It’s fun!

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