30 weeks

The weather has been awesome. Our windows have been open every day. We’re taking walks, sitting on the porch, loving the breeze. I know that seems like a mean thing to say considering many of you have been dealing with wintery messiness again, but consider this. Right now…here in Texas, for this midwestern girl, this is my June. Now, we may still have a few cold spells, in fact that would be great if it killed off some bugs that are just starting to come out and play.  But this lovely time will likely only last until late April if we are VERY lucky. Then, we will be entering into my July/August. Warmer, stickier, still ok, but heating up.  Come the middle of May, when all you lovely people up north are really starting to enjoy the weather, I will be entering into the time I like to refer to as (among other things) the Never-ending Inferno.  We will go into house hibernation (much like you are now) and pray that the A/C keeps working.  We will only venture outside between the hours of 8pm and 8am (yes, that would be nighttime), unless we HAVE to. Then, sometime in very late September, frequently not until October…it will turn back into August, flirt with July and June, and we can go outside again.

This year, the hibernation part will be completely fine with me.  It’s those necessary treks through the Inferno that I’m not looking forward to.

Enjoy your June, whenever it shows up.

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  • Katie in MA - That, my friend, is the best description of how life is here in the Inferno Known Elsewhere As Texas. In fact, I’m saving this post and emailing it to anyone who dares complain to me about how unfair it is.

    (P.S. – As a fellow transplant from Locations Very Much North Of Here, I find it helps during those necessary treks throgh the Inferno to concentrate on the air immediately around your fingers. It seems slightly cooler and breezier than the 120 degrees it is everywhere else. I don’t know why this helps, but it does.)

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