The rumors are true: my childhood bedroom

Many of you have seen it, a few of you helped create it, but some of you have only heard about it.

My room.

So, when you are about to turn 13 and you are sick and tired of the pale pink that is your wall color and you beg your Mom to let you paint and then she says YES…. you would get a bit excited too.  Well, that happened to me.  I was so excited and I thought and planned and was going to do each wall in a different solid awesome color.  I carefully chose my colors, and showed them to my Mom and presented her with the whole plan.  My memory is pretty awesome on some things, marginal on others (especially lately), but I remember that my original color choices were pretty much like these:

Completely awesome, right?  I thought so.  Well, Mom thought they were fine I guess, but she told me that she thought it would make my room too dark.  Cause a 13 year old with a dark room was a weird thing?  I think not.  Anyway, I considered her comments and did the only sensible thing I could – I added white.  Not to dilute the colors. No, I just added white to the equation.  Somehow there must have been additional discussions and the colors got changed a little, but the final result was an awesome, mostly lined up color explosion on my walls.  I worked hard, I taped off square after square and painted my little heart out.  I even got a few friends to come over and paint some too.

When all was said and done, this was definitely MY room.  No doubt about it.  It’s been (ahem) almost 18 years since I painted this room and it still stands in all it’s rainbow, splatter painted, anything goes glory.  I’ve told me mom she can repaint it if she wants.  =)  But I think it’s starting to grow on her…  Thanks Mom!

Oh yeah. It’s that awesome. Oh, and this would be why my husband gets a little nervous when I start talking about painting things…

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  • Bob R. Smith - Looks like a shirt I had once. I think. It’s been awhile.

  • Karla - If I recall, we may have all been wearing Umbro shorts in similar colors to the paint on the wall. Oh, what a day! I wonder if we made Mrs. Fields’ cookies that afternoon!

  • Karyn - Oh, the Umbros! I forgot about those!

  • Mom - I still love that room!!…..Love Mm

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