What’s Going On Around Here

Remember that post where I talked about focus, and how I was going to discard the unnecessary and focus on getting the important things done? No? Well, it’s right here. One of those important things was transforming this blog into my one stop, portrait session informing, blog toting, gallery showing shop. Currently, big changes are underway. If you are finding this site in a slightly more random state than usual – you are seeing it in the middle of it’s transformation. Sometimes change happens all at once, and sometimes it happens in spurts. Right now the big changes you can see are the addition of my professional portrait galleries and session information to the blog, and the fact that my home page is now a shiny happy main page, and my blog is no longer home base. It’s still there…of course, it’s just a quick click away.

So stay tuned! When it’s all done and new and spiffy, I’ll post a ‘tour’ post that will show you where everything is.  I’ll point out what’s new and awesome and what things got relocated.

It’s like redecorating or rearranging furniture, so exciting!!

Oh, and another reason to stay tuned is that I will be announcing some big exciting 2011 portrait session specials, and other exciting things from Karyn Kelbaugh Photography.  If you want to make sure you are the first to hear the news, you can subscribe to the mailing list right here.  Then you’ll always be the first to know!

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  • Heather - Like! I like the slideshow thing and your text. You can take the pic of me off the header pics ANY time.

    Happy Friday night!

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