31 Weeks

Week 31 wore me out. It was a good week with lots going on, but I think the Dude had a growth spurt or something cause I was wiped by the end of almost every day. Good times though, and after an epic (it seemed epic to me) quest for something to wear, and the necessary accessories,  it was a great weekend. Congratulations to Ashton and Sheri!! Talk about feeling safe – there were at least 12+ OBGYNs at this wedding.  Glad I didn’t need anything, but hey it’s nice to know. =)

I was starting to feel jealous of them going off to their honeymoon, but then I pictured myself in my current state flying that long and then trying to navigate a beach right now. Ha. No thanks. I’ll wait. =) The beach will be much more fun when we can just build sand castles together.


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  • Katie in MA - Time well spent – you look great! (Are you sure you’re really 31 weeks?) 🙂

    Love the new buttons you added to the main page & the blog. Is your nesting happening at home too, or just on your corner of the interwebz?

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