33 Weeks

Getting closer (to his birthday, and all things in front of me) every day…

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  • Karyn - What a happy — Happy Birthday picture……:)

    You both look cute! Looking forward to being there…soon.

    Love, Grandma F.

  • Katie in MA - Ha! I remember Bee would hang out under my left rib all the time and I would have to push down on her cute lil bottom so she would flip over so I could take a decent breath. 🙂 I know it’s a little squishy, but enjoy all the peace and quiet you have now!

  • Katie in MA - Shoot! – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! lol Already you’re a true mama taking a back seat to all the baby cuteness. Hope all your birthday wishes come true…bet I could guess what a few of them are! 🙂

  • Bev - This is my favorite picture to date! Love your smile and the cupcake. Purple was John’s favorite crayon for several years!
    Take care of the two of you and we will see all three of you soon! Love ya Mama K

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