My Carpenter

Did I mention lately that I have a wonderful husband? If not, then, I have a wonderful husband.  He can build stuff.

He built me a new mantle, just like I wanted, from scratch!  The mantle that was here when we bought our house could not have been more…..bleh.  It was tiny, didn’t go with the rest of the house (especially the dark wood beams in the ceiling) and it tilted forward, so putting valuable things on it was not an option.

John made me this big wonderful mantle that goes perfectly with everything, is big enough to hold lots of wonderful things (that I now need to put up there) and it even has a little raised edge so nothing slides off. Not that it would anyway. This thing is crazy level. He REALLY likes things to be level. =)

So thank you wonderful husband for making this for me. You are awesome and I love you!!

Now…if we can just do something about our gold fireplace cover… 😉

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  • Cheryl - Like! Nicely done.

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