It’s Getting Cute In Here

Finally, some pictures ready to post that AREN’T of me and my pregnant self! It’s by no means finished, but I thought I’d share some pics from the Dude’s room.

This quilt actually belongs to John. He got it when he was born, and his Mom sent it to us, along with some other wonderful blankets. I LOVE the sailboats.

Pooh has a very important job around here. He is our product tester and he’s holding down the fort (and the car seat) until the Dude is ready to take over. =)

Ah, the wall decals. I love these animal alphabet letters. They were easy to put up, even on our textured walls.

As many of you know I’m not really a theme-y match-y kind of person… And this room certainly reflects that. =)

His animal friends are all waiting…

Some of them came all the way from London.

So excited about this mobile! Thank you Rita!!

And there you have it. For now at least. There will be more cuteness to come, and maybe someday I’ll post a pic of the whole room all at once!

Until next time…

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  • Bob R. Smith - Yes, a whole room pic is required for the engineers’ to understand what’s going on.

  • Katie in MA - LOVE the animals theme and the letters/numbers give it such a cute spin! Little Dude is going to feel so cozy in his new home. 🙂

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