What in the World is a Digital Album?

It’s just what you think it is. A custom designed photo album that exists in digital form. In this case it exists as a PDF file, one of the most versatile and universally used formats today. It’s all the prettiness and fun of a hold-in-your-hands album, but you can send this one to your Grandma in Ohio by email and she can look at it instantly!

I’m super excited to include these in the Digital Care Package. Everything in it is designed for sharing. The online gallery, the digital files, the prints, and of course the digital album.

I’m so excited to show you what’s it’s all about that I’ve created a sample digital album that you can download for free [see that pretty sidebar over there?]. I just need your email and a link will drop down and you can click, open and download the album –  AND it will send you a link via email as a backup. That will also get you signed up for Love Notes from me which will ensure you’re the first to know about any specials, events or giveaways that I’m doing! Now remember the file is a PDF, so depending on how your browser is set up, you may need to click on the open album and save it to your computer. Then you can share it via email with anyone you want to test it out.

It’s designed to work on regular computers, mobile devices, tablets, and whatever else gets invented next. If you can view a PDF on it, you can see this album. Hint: If you are using an iPhone or iPad, open it with iBooks for the most enjoyment. =)

Each album is custom designed to include the best images from your session. You can hand pick the images, or you can trust me to make you a wonderful album that you’ll stare at all day long when you should be working 😉

It’s the ultimate portable album.

UPDATE: My new mobile album apps are now being offered as an alternative to this digital album. Go check it out!


Download PDF

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