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It’s been a bit crazy around here getting used to the New Normal. Clearly the blog posting quickly dropped to the bottom of the to-do list, and I’m sorry about that. For those of you on Facebook you’ll know that’s where all the action has been happening. Why? Because it’s really easy to post things on FB one handed. My one hand keyboard typing is slowly improving though. =)

So, the little dude is just over 5 weeks old now. I can’t believe it! Now granted that first 2 week stretch seemed to go on forever (and fly by if that makes any sense), but time just keeps moving on. It’s a bit crazy when I look at the diaper stats on my handy dandy little iphone app (you KNEW I’d have one) and see how many diapers we’ve changed so far. Last I checked it was in the 400’s. Seriously. I’m only getting peed on about once a week though, so that’s not so bad. Wow. Can’t imagine saying that sentence before the dude showed up. Wait – no, I can. I did work as a pet nurse for 2 years. Getting peed on was nothing special.

We’ve had lots of help and visitors and I need to stress again how THANKFUL I AM FOR OUR MOTHERS who came and helped us out these first few weeks. I can’t imagine this time without you. And thank you to my awesome sister and awesome niece who came and helped as well. It felt just like home with a house full of women. =)

We are on our second week with no Grandma assistance and I think we’re doing pretty good. The kid is getting fed, getting changed, sleeping pretty good, and we are bathing him at respectable intervals. I’m even getting some things done around here. (Like this post!) He is growing so fast. He’s already 2 inches taller and has gained a little over 2 lbs.

The cat…is still not so sure about him, but is watching cautiously hoping he’ll turn into a fun human at some point – that will pet him and play. We are still managing to feed and water the cat, and occasionally let him have some lap time.

That’s the update for now. Much much more to come about us AND this site is going to change big time pretty soon. Just a few more ducks to get in a row… It’s going to be awesome.

Happy Wednesday!

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  • Katie in MA - WOW, that onesie looks so tiny! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like you’re having a bunch of fun – as much as you can – during this crazy hectic getting-to-know-everyone period. That’s just as it should be because if you think these 5 weeks have zoomed by, wait til you see how quickly the next 5 years blur by! My baby graduated pre-K (yes, that has its own graduation these days) and I can’t believe she used to fit into a onesie that little!

    hugs and happiness to your new little fam ๐Ÿ™‚

  • k - pay no attention to this random comment by the author.

  • brenda frantom - how are you Karyn

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