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I thrive on projects. Especially short term, manageable, quickly complete-able projects. Things my attention span can handle. Big projects are fun too, but they can get bogged down and put aside and even put off indefinitely. Little projects keep me going. Now I have what feels like 50 million work related projects going at once, but I always need some ‘just because’ projects. More often than not these projects do involve photos, but usually personal photos. For example I FINALLY got my canvas and mounted prints ordered for the Dude display on our new mantle!

Also, when I was home in Ohio in August, I got ideas for about 10 little projects to do for my parents. So I’m all good for gift ideas for them for quite some time =) Yipee! One project I’m super excited about is a new photo wall for my parents’ dining room. They have frames up now, but as our family has grown, the frames have gone up and just don’t go well together anymore. The photos and frames need an update and a design that will allow for additions later on.  I was inspired by fellow photographers and DIY shows/sites to do a design using all different kinds of frames, but paint them all one color. In this  case, black goes best with the decor.  I found a few cool ornate frames on ebay for cheap and then a very generous friend gave me the seven additional 5×7 frames I needed to complete the grandkid grouping. I drew up a rough design of how the wall could go, and made a point to have no frames lining up with one another exactly. No lines, no levels, just aesthetically pleasing balance is what we’re going for. Since all the frames will be one color, their layout can be a little more creative. We just got most of the frames painted over the weekend. Still have to find a few more to round out the group. I can’t wait to see them all up on their wall. You’ll probably have to wait until Christmas to see the final images.

Oh, and we FINALLY painted our fireplace cover!! The gaudy brassy gold is gone!! Yipee!!!

Dave was acting as Vanna here.

And of course I have loads more ideas swirling in my brain. Anyone working on fun personal projects? Or at least have ideas?


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