September Days :: Sleep, Work and a Baby

Once upon a time, say… March, my days were filled with photography, computer work and house keeping. My evenings were for cooking and relaxing with my husband or spending time with friends and tormenting the cat. If I were ever behind on getting something done, I could just stay up late and get it finished. No sweat.

Those days are long gone. And I am completely ok with this, it just takes some getting used to.

For a girl who has always thrived when I am busiest, this whole mommy thing takes busy to a whole new level. I mean, on average, when left to our own devices, most of us aren’t being productive ALL day. Just enough that things get done and we don’t get too far behind. Add an adorable, just-asking-to-be-played-with baby to the mix and our productivity must be focused and ready to spring into action at a moments (nap time) notice. Tough, but still doable. The key factor I think that makes this busyness seem overwhelming at times – is sleep. Or lack thereof.

I’m feeling quite chipper this morning because I think I may have gotten about 8 hours (total) last night.  9:30pm-1:34am; 2:15am-4:10am; 4:36am-6:38am; 6:57am-7:30am – roughly. I have a fancy app that helps me keep track otherwise I’d have no idea what’s up or what’s down. That’s pretty much the most sleep I’ve gotten in one night since April 25th. It’s only because I said no to the worrying worker bee voices in my head telling me to go work at 8:30 last night and just go to bed already.

Sleep is gold.

I “knew” this would be true, but I didn’t realize the implications it would have for me specifically. The biggest one being – I can no longer just tough it out. I’ve tried. I’ve said goodnight to my husband as he goes to bed and continued to sit at the computer, editing or whatever I was trying to do, only to find myself sitting there for 20 minutes with NO brain power whatsoever to actually accomplish my tasks. I know this is only temporary, and someday, I will get to sleep again (at least more than I do now) and I will be able to burn the midnight oil when necessary. But right now I am learning new things about myself and learning new skills like how to squeeze an hours worth of writing, editing or designing into 20 minutes because that’s how long he decided to sleep. And totally getting used to making calls when I have a babbling (or crying) baby in my arms. It’s actually quite useful with telemarketers and customer service folks. 😉 It’s certainly a transition, but one I’m happy to make so that I can spend as much time as I can being there, playing and having fun with the little man. I appreciate all the patience everyone is showing me as I slowly get used to our new schedule and manage to get things done. =) I know it’s all been done before. And yes, I know this is nothing compared to having 2, or 3…or five. There will be blog posts for busier days later. 😉

Life is fun.

Have a great day peoples!

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