The Story of the Dude’s Arrival. Finally.

So, I realize I’m a bit late in posting this. Seeing several friends post their stories recently reminded me that although I managed to crank out an album three weeks after he was born (there was a sale), and have been slowly posting photos of him for all to see, I never actually relayed the details of his arrival.  Anywho…I hope you’ll forgive me, especially all my close friends to whom I still haven’t told the story. (sorry!!)

Well it’s no novel. And I must make a few notes. There will not be SUPER detailed descriptions of things if I can help it – because the internet is for-ev-er. And searchable. Ew. Also, if you had a really tough labor and delivery – you might not want to read this – cause honestly it was a bit surreal that it wasn’t that bad. Maybe it’s because I prepared for the worst. I dunno. Just saying – don’t hate me – you have been warned. I know on the next one (God willing) I will probably be singing a different tune.

Oh and MANY MANY SUPER THANKS go to Jessica of Jessica Klima Photography for dropping everything and driving all the way to Fort Worth from College Station to photograph the Dude’s arrival. You are the bomb-diggity-bomb girl. Thank you for making me laugh, feeding me ice and capturing all the moments I could have hoped for. You were in my brain. It was weird. Cool, but weird. =)

ANYhow. Here goes. It’s April 26th – my Mom had been in town, after driving all the way from Ohio, for about a week. We had shopped, cooked and I had made her try almost every great burger in Fort Worth at this point. I was feeling like my weebly wobbly penguin self and we headed to my weekly OBGYN appt to check on the progress. Of COURSE, my wonderful Dr. G was not in the office this week cause she was off doing all sorts of fun things like studying and staying smart. Guh! 😉 But I knew this was the case and it was all good. It has to happen to somebody.  I just thought it was hilarious. They can’t work every single day. Plus her partner Dr. E is super awesome as well and they are good peoples. So…nothing seemed too odd to me that morning. No contractions yet at this point – although everyone was asking. There were all sorts of things that were ‘supposed’ to happen that sooooo didn’t happen the way people said. More on that later. Maybe.

So I go in, we sit, we wait. I do the whole sharpie/cup/bathroom/metal door/sample thing and then we go into the exam room. The usual drill. It is kind of weird to go an OB appointment with your mom again for the first time in like…12? years? hehe. Anyhow, I’m just chillin on the table, and our lovely PA comes in to check me out and the first thing I hear is “Oh!”

Excuse me? “Oh?” Please explain.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure your water broke.”

Like right now?


Alrighty then. Now what.

So she tested to make sure I wasn’t just having a very bad bladder day…and sure enough…things were happening. So she got Dr. E and they said – straight to the hospital with you. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

So. Called John and said Eat your lunch, then go home get the stuff and we’ll see you at the hospital. Mom and I drove the .6 miles it takes to get to the hospital and she tried to get me to stop at the front door. “You shouldn’t have to walk that far, they should take care of you.” Nope, I can walk. It’s not that big of a parking lot. Plus, it gave me time to drink all of mom’s tea, and the snack bar I had wisely shoved in my purse. I know how this works. Once they’ve got me it’s bye bye snack time.

So we checked in and had to wait in the waiting room for a short bit while they prepped the room (which was a nice big one so I didn’t mind one bit). Incidentally, I’m pretty sure I had my first contraction while sitting in the waiting room with Mom. Got into the room, all gussied up in the hospitals finest and all that. This was about 12:30pm I’d say. My doctor’s appointment was about 10:45am. My wonderful nurse – whose name I have written down somewhere, was cool and great and funny. My second contraction was about an hour later, then 20 min…then they started the pitocin. Fun stuff. ;/ It works fast for sure. So then eight min, then 5, 5, 5, 4, 5… you get the idea. I knew that having a “plan” was just asking for it to go wrong, so I was just going to wing it. I had thought about a lot of scenarios in advance and I was as prepared as a woman who’s never given birth can be to deal with those various scenarios. The scenario I got was – hey these contractions are not too bad, getting worse, yowsa, still not super dilated this will take awhile, epidural please thank you. I know everyone has their own opinions about how birth should go. All I care about is that after it was all over – we have a beautiful healthy baby boy to love on. That’s all I need.

I must say – the magic man – the epidural sergeant – whatever you want to call him. He is my hero. Thanks to the show One Born Every Minute on Lifetime (which is filmed at Riverside Hospital in Cbus! Go Bucks!) I knew what was going on behind my back with the whole epidural thing. I did what I was told. I answered the man’s questions and praise the Lord, it all went well for me. They apologized for the pain while doing the procedure and I was like “It feels better than the contraction I’m having right now”. Seriously.

So after they basically covered my back with tape that I could only assume would be used to wax it later…I chilled out and let the magic feel better medicine do it’s work. According to my dear husband this is when my conversation levels started to pick back up again. Well duh.

So then, we waited. I think I got the epidural somewhere around 4 or 5pm. Jessica showed up. Everyone ELSE took turns going out for supper. We watched a lot of tv.

Finally around 9:15ish I was apparently ready to go and start pushing. There are so many things that you think you understood about how this would all go. Like pushing. TV editing has done us all a disservice regarding how birth goes. “Pushing” takes awhile. It’s different for everyone, but it’s no 1 -2 -3 tada! show. So I pushed for about an hour and a half. Honestly, it was pretty funny at times (thanks to the epi of course) cause my 2nd nurse (shift change) who was also awesome but had a sick sense of humor when she counted. She would go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9……………………………..10. !!!! Not cool!!! A girl needs to breathe! Or my other fav “push him out, push him out, waaaaay out!” Meanwhile Jessica was trying to get silly pictures of the contractions on the monitor. We were a goofy bunch. When it was about time for the show to start, I said I needed some tunes, it was too quiet. So they started up my ipad. (My days of directing people from my bed had begun). I had a pretty good playlist on there and the speakers on that thing are quite nice so we were jamming. The nurse loved me music. =)

So Dr. E came in and it was time to do the whole actual having of the baby. John had been helping me and Mom too. It was so nice having them both there. I know Mom was excited to get to be in the room for the birth since she couldn’t for the other grandkiddos. My how time changes things. I had my husband, my mom, my photographer….and pretty soon, our little boy!

So…after not too much longer – yada yada yada – we had our Dude!! He came out a little purple, but he pinked right up and was just perfect. I’m so thankful for all the pictures because it all starts to blur in your memory exactly what was happening. You’re stuck in this bed and everything is just happening all around you. Holding the baby, cutting the cord, first bath, little foot prints, all around you. Thankfully I didn’t have any trouble after the delivery other than just being weak. It’s all about the baby from here on out. If you want more details of our luxurious hospital stay, just call me 😉 I will say that baby mama food was good at our hospital. Amen for bacon and biscuits and gravy! =) Jessica came back the next day to take some more pics of the Dude in his little take home outfit. We stayed one more day and then took our little man home. =)


Enjoy the photos. Don’t worry. Nothing scary. Remember how I said the internet is forever.

Oh and I wasn’t going to tempt fate. Yes, I did my hair and makeup before going to the doctor that day. Just in case. Things happen! =)

**All the images in this post were taken by Jessica Klima Photography and are being used with permission**

Proud Grandma



Welcome to the world little man! It only took me 4.5 months to post! 😉

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