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I love seeing the images I have taken for my clients displayed in their homes and up on their walls!! My clients are so creative so I’m going to start featuring their photo displays here on the blog!

First up is Sumer. I love Sumer and her family!! I have an inkling that they like me too, since Sumer told me I’m not allowed to move away, ever. =)

I think if Sumer could wallpaper her home with photos of her family, she would. A woman after my own heart. Her home is beautiful (so jealous of those hardwood floors!!) and she has creative, personal photo displays all over her house. I love how she coordinates them all in together. I feel honored that she would mix my images in with clearly special ones taken by her family over the years. It just creates a seamless look that says “This is our family and they are awesome.” She has done a wonderful job of choosing frames and displays that fit the decorating style of their home. I love that glass display cabinet!

Thank you Sumer for letting me show off your beautiful displays!

Hey past clients! Are your bursting at the seams to show off your photo display of Karyn Kelbaugh Photography images? If you’d like to be featured on the blog, just send me a quick note and I’ll be right over. =)

You never know who you might inspire.

To see my personal show & tell of my display of Dude images, head on over HERE.

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