Double Duty :: A sneak peek with some context!

Do you have trouble imagining your photos up on your walls? No, of course not. Your imagination is perfect. It does not have to worry about exact sizes and spacing and the reality of actually getting them up there. In your head, they all look lovely and are arranged just right – whatever that means. Well, I can show you what that means. It’s my first ever sneak peek with some context. I got to photograph the wonderful Sumer Jordan and her beautiful family again this fall (you might have seen them in November’s issue of 360West magazine!). Sumer mentioned to me that she was considering getting something on canvas. So for Sumer and all of you out there who want to know what your photos might look like as canvas up on your walls – I present to you these wall displays, full of Sumer and her family to show you!

It’s so hard to know how big to order your canvases. When we’ve lived in a world of 5×7’s and 8×10’s and the occasional 11×14… it’s pretty scary to consider actually ordering something as gigantic as a 20×24. So you order the 12×12, hang it on the wall over your couch, and your first reaction is “Oh. It’s so small.” Now every canvas has their place. That 12×12 will look spectacular in the kitchen, or on some other wall, but it’s hard to know that unless you can visualize it first. This one above is actually four 20×20 canvases. Aren’t they adorable? I mean the kids. The canvases are pretty cool too.

Now I HAD to show you some Organic Bloom frames!!! Obviously you can do something like this with regular frames too, but aren’t they so pretty!! This arrangement includes 6 styles that range from sizes 8×8 to 10×20. If you’d like help seeing your images in some organic frames (and try out all those color and style combos) just let me know!

Of COURSE I had to show you what a wonderful large canvas looks like! This happens to be the image that was featured in 360West magazine in November. I’m kind of excited about it! This is a 30×40 inch canvas. Yes, that is big, but if it’s an image you love and you want to look at it every day for as long as you can imagine…then why not.

Hint: A low tech free way to help you figure out what sizes you want? Cut out paper in different photo sizes and use painters tape to hang it on the wall. You can try different sizes and combinations and figure out exactly what you want. This works great for deciding on a layout in general. Extra bonus points if your kids draw pictures on them to really get in the spirit!

Here are a few more photos from their session. =)

Love it.

To take a look at all the styles and colors available with the frames, check out the Organic Bloom page.

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  • Pure Complex - These shots are absolutely amazing. I love them! And I love how you showcase what a portrait could look like on any wall. This is such an incredible post

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