We have awesome neighbors.

Have I mentioned how awesome our neighbors are? Oh yes, you’ve met Wendy, but her dear husband who has his own home improvement company is equally awesome. The man can build things. He made us an oversized wooden puzzle thing (aka Jenga-ish game) and it is so cool. And really loud when it falls down. We gave it a test run and it was a lot of fun and very awesome.

(pssst…people in photos are not my neighbors…but they are my brave and awesome friends, and husband)

(yes – she really does know Krav Maga. I have some bad*** friends.)

Just wanted to brag on my awesome neighbors. FYI – He’s taking orders if you want your own game. =)

Coming soon to blogland…

More awesome family sessions, more Dude, and candied bacon. Oh yes, I said bacon.

Have a wonderful week!

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