The Dude And I | December

Ok, so the ‘weekly’ Dude and I photos haven’t been so weekly. I’m still taking them, there are just a disproportionate amount on my phone versus my DSLR. Both are awesome..but I think the camera phone minions are sabotaging my camera phone images. It’s looking awful these days. Hopefully when I do THE BIG IOS5 UPDATE, it will all be better. No, I still haven’t done the update. I was waiting for all the bugs to get worked out…and then I still just haven’t done it. Anywho, here we are, having fun and playing in a pile of leaves left from our big backyard tree in one day because of one silly freeze.

He was "getting me". =)

Love that boy. =)

Just for fun: Current nicknames: Gigglesaurus, Tigger (as always), Wiggle Monster, and Gummy Bear (bouncing here and there and everywhere). =)

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