babies + cats + an update

Ok, just one baby, and one cat. The Internet is for cat videos, and kittens – and adorable babies.  If a girl can’t just post tons and tons of photos of her own adorable child on her own blog – then I don’t know what it’s even for! 😉 I threw a cat in there for good measure at least. He can be cute if he really tries – and stops meowing.

I’ve been a bit slow trying to get back in the groove of the new year. Coming down with a bad cold on New Year’s Day doesn’t help. Neither does when your child gets the same cold and is teething constantly. But we are trotting along and getting back into our daily rhythm. Now that the Dude is getting older and more active I want to start getting out more and DOING things with him. It’s easy to get caught up in my weekly to do list and forget to plan activities – and then the week is gone and all we’ve managed to do is go for a walk. It’s better than nothing, but it’s nice out more often than not and there is so much to do around here that I think he will enjoy. I can’t wait to start swimming lessons! Anyhow – thanks to a good recommendation I’ve been reading Steady Days – by Jamie Martin. It’s a great book with VERY short chapters and it’s full of simple ideas and reminders on how to set up a realistic flexible home routine for your family. I’m just at the very beginning of trying some of the ideas. Half the battle is just taking the time to make a plan. The other half will be sticking to it, but so far we are doing ok. I’ll keep you posted. Probably.

I’m excited about some of the updates around here on the site. I upgraded to ProPhoto 4 (my blog template) and it comes with some very fun things. For instance, click on the Start Here in the menu and you’ll see the new grid feature. You can also see it (probably unless I’ve tinkered some more and changed it) in the footer where I’ve placed some featured posts. A lot of the upgrades are behind the scenes, but they make this blog thing even easier. Yay for easier!

I keep trying to decide on a personal photography project that will help me keep pushing myself to try new things and keep learning outside of regular shooting. I think I’m torn between a purely documentation style project – documenting the Dude of course, or something that makes me try something new all the time. I’ll probably end up coming up with some combination of both. Or perhaps a series of small projects? Any and all ideas are welcome. But I must say no to things that require me to post every day. I’m trying to lower the stress, not increase it;)

Well, I’ll get to what you really came here to see. The Dude. Just having some fun and being silly with the kitty and wearing his stylish new bib. I feel like the whole bib sequence could be turned into an artistic ‘baby does expressionistic interpretation of Office Space’ photo series. The part of the copier AND the swing-line stapler would be played by the panda of course. Yes, I am weird. I know.


I swear our child is a happy child. Really.


Good times. Want to see more Dude? See all the posts with the dude.

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