You Were Promised Bacon

My apologies for the lateness of this post. This candied bacon endeavor happened way back a long time ago in October. Geesh.

My dear husband was out of town for his guys weekend in Ohio watching an unforgettable game of football at our Alma mater, so it was just me and the dude. I had decided to make some caramel corn that weekend so I knew I would need some extra help. I invited two of our lovely friends over to help make and eat the popcorn. It’s a perk of helping of course. While we were waiting for the popcorn to cook, the discussion naturally turned to bacon. Of course. I’m not sure what happened but before I knew it my friend said, “Well, I could go get some bacon.” And I said, “then go! get some bacon!” And the candied bacon perfection experiment began.

First we tried putting on the brown sugar first and baking the bacon for about 20 minutes. I have to say that the result was different from what I was expecting, but absolutely delightful. The sugar melted and coated the bacon early, so it actually seemed to cook inside the sugar. It never got crispy, but the fat still melted in your mouth and it was coated in a wonderful sugar glaze. Soooo good.

We were still going for crispy and candied, so we tried a second batch. Yes, there were multiple batches of bacon. We broiled the bacon, sans sugar for a little bit and then added the sugar and baked it the rest of the time. Also very good, but this time the sugar didn’t have enough time to coat the bacon, and it ended up somewhere in between.

We’re still planning our next attempt. If you have any tricks or ideas for getting crispy candied bacon…please share.

Thanks!! =)

the mountain of popcorn, cooling



sugar coated bacon goodness

Yay! Bacon! =)

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