Life in February

So. Its been kind of busy around here. So much that my posts have been stretched pretty thin lately. I’ve got more photo posts coming, and (gasp) videos. Seriously.

My mind is always its most creative when I’m up to my eyeballs in busy. Of course. I’m excited to finally be working with some awesome local people to create at least one (maybe more if anyone likes it) series of videos to help moms get the most out of their family photos. I’ve got more shooting and lots more editing to do before anything gets out into the open. Don’t worry, you’ll know it when it gets here.

At home, we are in week 4 of our “New Household Schedule” where we actually have days that are really actually assigned household tasks – and then we do them. The craziest part is we are still actually doing them. For example, today I did 3 loads of laundry (and they all made it out of the dryer and are put away!), vacuumed, mopped, and John dusted and cleaned the toilets. That was after the everyday wash-the-bottles-and-dishes routine that happens every night after ‘bedtime’.  Now, I realize many of you are reading this going “yeah, so?”.  You clearly do not know me well. Let me further explain. This cleaning routine has happened, successfully and without complaint from either of us, for the past 4 weeks. MY house has been vacuumed, mopped, dusted and had sparkling clean toilets for 4 WEEKS IN A ROW. This is epic people. And that’s just Wednesday. Monday is paperwork – which I have spent the last month shredding during commercial breaks from The Voice. 😉 Tuesday is trash and tidy (when the miracle happens where I put stuff AWAY). Thursday is OFF – because everyone needs a break, and Fri-Sun is Home Project time, clutterbusting time and there must be at least one family outing where we all leave the house and go do something together. =)  I know it’s not super sustainable, and there will be hiccups and resets and schedule changes and all that, but I’m so happy with it right now. It was such a nice feeling last week when my friend was over visiting with her two kids and they were playing on the kitchen floor and I thought (and said) “I mopped that yesterday!”.  The other nice thing about the new schedule? It frees my brain from worrying about getting all that stuff done. I don’t worry about laundry, because it has a day. Same for the other stuff. Yes, I’m behind on most of my favorite shows, but that’s what On-Demand is for. =)

Oh and part of the clutterbusting is deep cleaning each room and right now it’s the office. It’s so bad. It’s a lot better internally that it was, but it looks horrid. It WILL be awesome – and then I will show you a picture.

Are you SURE you mopped it Mom?

The Dude is having a big month. Apparently he decided at the beginning of February that he would try to do something new every day. Since the day before his 9 month bday he has started sitting up from laying down, started crawling, started cruising (doing laps around his exersaucer and the coffee table), started pulling up from sitting to standing, saying Da Da (oh yeah!), sort of high fiving, eating and feeding himself little rice puffs and yogurt melts… and I’m sure there is something I’m forgetting. Thus, the childproofing. Oh and chasing the cat. =)

Good times.

Oh, and I ran today! No joke.

p.s. I promise he wears other things besides these pjs. Maybe they just inspire me. =)

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