A Day With No Work

Saturday was a glorious day. We did absolutely no work. Only fun. I highly recommend it.

It was fantastic and way overdue. The Dude must have been listening because even HE slept in. We got up late, had yummy oatmeal pancakes. Played. Napped and then went on his first adventure to the ZOO! We’ve been meaning to take him forever, but hey – we finally did – and now we are members so we’ll be going ALL THE TIME. Want to take our walk at the zoo today? Sure? Ok. Let’s go to the zoo.

I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the people more so than the zoo animals on this trip, but he did manage to notice a few animals. How do you expect a little guy to notice a quiet giraffe standing still 40 yds away when he is surrounded by 30 people all talking and running and jumping around. I don’t blame him. He is a people watcher though so I think he had fun anyway. He seemed to like the fish, and the elephants, and the big white tiger that came right up to the window. That was just cool.

What wallabies Dad?

Come on Dad!

We had a great time. Then it was home, a big nap and then grilling out and play time.

For Easter morning, we had gotten a few fun things for his new Easter basket that his Grandma K made him. He humors me. =)

Love you hun. =)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend and have a great week!!

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