My Favorite App for New Moms

Ok, I’m not some fancy reviewer person. I’m just a mom who loves technology and researches things to death. I also appreciate it greatly when someone else has used something, researched and can recommend something useful to me that I can just start using and enjoy their hard work. Thank you to those people!

Well today I am trying to give back by telling you about my favorite app (iphone/ipad) for new moms and dads. Holy moly this thing saved my brain. It’s the Total Baby app from ANDESigned. (I swear I’m not getting anything for reviewing this). I just love it. There are some other good and comprehensive apps out there, but as far as usefulness with my iphone, this thing was what I needed.

The most helpful feature was tracking feedings. Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, it tracks everything. So when you wake up at 3am and have NO IDEA what side you started on last time…the app will tell you. If you’re nursing, it tracks total feeding time for the day so you can know if your baby is eating more or less over time, and it’s so helpful for all the doctors visits when they ask you all those eating, pooping, sleeping questions. You can just look it up. You can even set it up to send you reports by email if you want. It’s got more features that you would need – but i’m sure someone’s going to need all of them. You can just use what you need when you need to and then get a little laugh when you realize it says you haven’t changed a diaper in 61 days because you don’t have to track that anymore. đŸ˜‰

Oooh and I almost forgot, it tells you how long it’s been since your baby’s last feeding started! So you know how much time you have left. This completely cuts down on the number of times your and your husband ask that age old question, “When did he/she eat last?”  Instead – you just go check the phone. You don’t have to fill your brain with countdown clocks and sides, and amounts, and all that lovely stuff. It’s sooo soo helpful.

It has a section to keep your baby’s stats from doctor appointments and you can put in notes to remind yourself what you wanted to ask the doctor at the next appointment. It truly was our little baby administrative assistant. The only thing that will get old is when you sit down to feed your baby and you’re all ready to go…and you realize you don’t have your phone. =) But that’s what husbands and helpers are for. =)


So that’s my two cents. I hope it saves someone some trouble and helps some moms keep a little more of their sanity because you have one..or ten less things to remember.

Do you have a favorite baby/parenting related app? Tell me in the comments!

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