The Downside of Taking A Break


I had forgotten what Mondays feel like.

I’m not even joking. That’s how long it’s been since I really took a day (well it turned into 2 days) off from any real work.

I had reached a point where there really was no difference between a Monday, Wednesday or a Saturday for me – except the basic schedule of the day. I played with E, we ran errands, and I worked when I could, staying up late at least every other night to work. Lay in bed and let my to-do list run laps in my brain. Repeat. So when Mondays would come and everyone on Facebook was all – “oh this is bad. Woe is me. Boo Monday”  – I thought to myself, “It’s not that bad. It’s just the next day”. [I apologize for all the mostly unnecessary punctuation in that sentence. My APA manual is surely shredding itself in disgrace now].

I see now that I needed a day off. Or two.

Because I felt the Monday-ness of this Monday, and went ooooohhh right, MONday.

And that’s after just ONE (and a halfish) days off. Wow.

So at the risk of feeling the wrath of future Mondays, I resolve to take more REAL breaks and have more REAL fun.

I’ve got a lot of busy-ness coming up, but there is also a VERY important birthday approaching at light speed.

Lots to do and lots of fun to have and hopefully a lot more Mondays like this one. [Maybe not EXACTLY like this one – there was the incident when I dumped half the rice puff things all over the floor because I thought the lid was on – nice one mom].

What do you think about weekly resolutions? That’s really all my attention span can handle most of the time.

This week’s resolution: I will go to bed on time MORE nights than I stay up late to work. Go.

What’s your resolution this week?



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  • Mary Anne Morgan - You are such a gifted writer. So funny.:)

  • Karyn Kelbaugh - Thanks Mary Anne!

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