These are the BabyDays of our lives

When we were waiting on our little Dude to arrive last year, the picture planning began in my head. How would I manage, organize, share and PRINT all of the photos I would inevitably take of this child during his first year and beyond. I came up with what I thought was a pretty good plan, and I have to say..I’d give myself about a 6 out of 10 in terms of sticking to it, which is pretty darn good honestly. I’m ONLY 2.5 3.5 months behind in uploading photos to our online family sharing gallery, and maybe 4 months behind on video. I have still managed to remember to take photos of our son with a real camera at least once a month on his monthly birthday – sometimes more but it’s dwindled a bit as more of my time is spent following him around since he’s no longer stationary. There are PRINTS of him up in the house from as recently as Christmas (4 months ago). But at this point I’d say 85% of my photos and video are captured on my iphone. Which is another reason I keep changing my ‘grand album plan’. Anyhow..the point being – we all make plans and then reality happens and time doesn’t stop to let you catch your breath and figure it out. He just keeps on growing and changing. I swear since he hit 9 months, every single day is full of something new and changing and hilarious and what if I forget.

I would wager a guess that most new moms have some sort of similar scenario. We have a plan. Sometimes we execute our plan brilliantly and then we completely drop it in order to keep on top of the laundry for a month or so. We can do some things well some of the time, but not all things all of the time. We must remind ourselves of this.

Admittedly I am a bit more obsessed with photos in general than most, but I wanted to offer something that would be helpful to moms that wanted and needed to spend more time being about the business of their family and less time worrying about photos. It’s not a brand new idea, but I think it’s a good one, so starting now I am offering a 1st year baby photography plan called BabyDays. Because we’re all living it one day at a time. Hehe.

You can see the pretty page I made about it here.

Basically it includes 3 sessions throughout the year and a final framed piece that showcases all three sessions. You can choose a classic frame or an Organic Bloom frame. =)

You’ll select 3 session times from 5 possible milestone moments: birth, newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Of course these are suggestions and if you decide you need to do photos when your little one gets their first tooth – that is just fine. It’s just nice to have a plan sometimes.

Contact me to get scheduled and answer your questions! =)

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