Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge. Setting Boundaries and Making Videos.

Thank you Catie!

My friend Catie – a wonderful wedding photographer based in Dallas has been rocking the daily videos on her vimeo, and posting about all sorts of useful things. Today she posted about setting boundaries as a small business owner [watch here]. OMG. I am pretty lousy at that right now. But I shall get to that shortly.

First – the videos.

She SAID she was inspired by my creating the videos for Moms to look great in their photos…which are still in the editing room I must admit. But she is taking it to the next level and doing a 30 Day Challenge! I feel called out.

I must do something.

Those videos will be finished soon, but I have been meaning to start posting videos – like, of me…talking – on here for quite some time. Well, Catie just threw down the gauntlet.

I must warn you though. These will not be pretty. Did I mention I have a baby? Hair will not look awesome. Makeup will likely be missing, and I’ll probably be whispering…or talking very loudly so you can hear me over the child – especially since he started screaming for fun today.

And I will start….soon.

TRUST me. It’s 11:52pm, I’m in my pj’s – you don’t want to see this. I’ll spare you. But instead I will post a lovely 15 second video of me running (back when I did that sort of thing), crossing a cattle guard during that big Ragnar Race through the hill country a few years ago. Good times. Feel free to watch more of the videos on my vimeo – some of them are quite funny. (We kept a roadkill tally on the van) – oh yeah and there’s some pig racing from the State Fair on there somewhere too. Enjoy!

Oh – and that whole thing about setting boundaries. I think it’s a lovely idea. Now…how to implement it. This ones going to take some creative thinking.

How do you set boundaries for email checking, social media etc and STICK with them? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Catie - Check and mate 😉 I need to make my video for today!

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