A Status Update | Mom’s Portrait Tool Box

Things have been hopping around here and I’m happy to say I’ve been staying quite busy shooting adorable newborns and kiddos and families and lots of happy people. I have not forgotten about my tired mom videos.  I’ve slowly been getting them fit for public consumption, and while I’ve been doing that – this idea has been growing in my brain.

I know, my brain has apparently started to work again!

So, I did eventually want to add more helpful info than just the videos about how to help families have the best possible photo session they can have – regardless of who is photographing them. I will of course be including all of this info on the blog, but I wanted one happy easy place you could go to find it all.

And its going to happen. 

I’ve staked my internet claim and there will be a little mini-site linking from here (and possibly your bookmarks one day 😉 that I hope will serve as a useful resource for moms (and dads, and grandma’s and bffs…) to make the best of your time in front of the camera. Because I believe if everyone feels prepared, is involved in the planning (including the kids), and feels fabulous, then you will get more than just great images from your photo session. You’ll get great memories.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be awesome.


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