We Went to Ohio and Now We Are Back

What an epic week.

2 flights. 1 delay.

6 days in Ohio.

Two Three cities.

Five portrait sessions.

1 high school graduation party.

30.5 meltdowns each time I left the room.

Tons of great moments with friends and family.

Good times.

Oh, and I’ll probably get the Mother of the Year award for taking my son to a bar AND giving him a video game AT THE SAME TIME. It was done in the name of art. I promise. 😉

On the bright side – I have TONS of pictures to show you! Yipee!!

p.s. For the record, as a mom flying alone with a 13 month old (known for alligator rolls during diaper changes), that “video game” (peekaboo Ladybird) saved us both.




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