A Speedy Show: What A Photo Session Is Really Like

As I’ve been playing around more with videos lately, I keep coming up with crazy ideas. I love stop motion video… like this really fun one, and it occured to me that especially when photographing little kids and babies, if I put all my images from a shoot into a video, it might kind of look like a stop motion video. ┬áSo I tried it. I tried it with my recent shoot of the Super Ryan Twins, and I have to say it looks pretty cool. Low tech, nothing fancy, these are even the unedited images. All of them. Some of it jumps around, but there are just enough moments that look pretty stop motion-y to make it look cool.

I think it’s a fun new way to see a photo session, and it’s a little glimpse into what all goes on during our time together.

So enjoy, and let me know what you think? Oh and feel free to share!

a speedy show: real life photo sessions from Karyn Kelbaugh on Vimeo.

a speedy show of the images from one of my recent shoots. it’s just fun to see the motion that happens and the story it tells.

*Also – I think it would really cool to design a session around making a stop motion video like this. We could have soooo much fun.

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  • Amanda - Aww! Love this!

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