The One Where I Take Pictures of the Engaged People | Debra and Mike

I don’t even know where to begin. My AWESOME, and I do actually mean awesome, sister-in-law Debra is getting married this fall to this cool guy Mike, and they asked me to take their engagement pictures. [Insert sneaky laugh while rubbing hands together here]. So, next up in the Ohio picturama time was Mike & Deb. We ALL went this time. Me, them, Grandma K AND the Dude. We weren’t taking any chances and he happily hung out with Grandma while mom worked – with a few breaks here and there to eat and play by the river of course. =)

I knew that Columbus had a few creative murals around but we did some research and found a few awesome ones including THIS ONE!! Well I know that murals don’t necessarily live forever, so we knew there was a chance it was gone. But surely, we thought, no one would paint over THAT. We were wrong. It has apparently been painted over many times since, most recently with a snowman face. Seriously? =(  (We were going to hold up the Dude so he could get the star!!)

Anywho we moved on to the next completely awesome mural, went down to the river, the pub where they met, their first date restaurant and the ever popular hammock in the backyard. An all around awesome session (spanning two days) that really shows off their personalities.

I’m so happy for you guys! Thanks for letting me drag you all over and make you have fun!

Oh, and I swear she didn’t coordinate her sweater with my logo. That. Just. Happened. =)

This was how we felt when we found out the Super Mario wall was gone. =(

Look at this lovely mural he painted 😉 hehe.

Such a fun time. I’m so glad you are my sister-in-law and welcome to the family Mike! =)

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