Family Time | Young Friends

I say ‘young friends’ because my friends and I certainly aren’t old…so what do you call friends you’ve known for 20 ish years who aren’t old? Young, that’s what! Hehe.

My very first session during our trip to Ohio in May was with my friend Emily and her family.  Like, literally we were a few hours off the plane and I was all “Here you go Dude! It’s your aunt and Grandma whom you haven’t seen in person for a few months and I’m just going to leave you here to play and eat and I’m sure you’ll be fine in this house that isn’t yours.” Ha. Needless to say he was a little wary about being left by mom so soon after a big travel day, but all was well and he recovered. I just wish I had a picture of him waiting for me by the front door with his little giraffe. So sad. (Yes, Emily you were right.)

Anyhow, the rest of us had a great time (sorry Dude) and played games at the park. I got to make Emily and Darren do silly things (I wasn’t going to take it easy on you just cause you wore a skirt 😉 ), and then we got Graeter’s! Yum.

Oh, raspberry chocolate chip, be still my heart.

Thank you all for having fun with me! =) Have a wonderful summer!!!

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