Kid Time | Party Rockers In the House

I’m slowly working my way through posting all my Ohio session photos. These adorable partiers just happen to belong to my cousin Ashley. (1st cousin once removed, but who’s being technical). ­čśë Growing up she was just my cousin. The only girl cousin I had that was actually close to my age. We hung out a LOT, especially when she moved out to the country and literally lived around the corner from me. Just a bike ride away – and she had a pool. Epic. We decorated 4-H booths together…for hours…with soo much glitter, and heaven knows all the ideas we concocted up in her room. And I distinctly remember trying salsa for the first time at her house, and I fell in love and never looked back. =) I hadn’t seen her since my Ohio baby shower last year so I was excited to come and hang out with her family and take pictures during our whirlwind Ohio trip. Masyn IS Ashley. It’s uncanny. And her big brother Kade looks JUST like dad. Thanks for having fun and being silly with me!!

Most Memorable Session Moment: Definitely seeing how excited they got when Party Rock Anthem got played. These kids LOVE to dance. =)

P.S. Ashley used my recommended print vendor and already has prints up in her house! We are working on designing a wall art grouping, so I’ll be making up some more examples and showing them here. ┬áStay tuned!

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