Sharing the Love | The Gramkow Family

Hey, do you remember waaay back in December when I did the Share the Love giveaway and you all nominated a bunch of awesome families and then I made YOU choose who would win a free session and images? Yeah, well here they are!! It may have taken us awhile to get this party started, but it was a wonderful time. It was great timing too because their little man Beckett just started holding his head up really well so I got to take lots of those pics. We had a dance party in the backyard, played hopscotch, got super silly and then Ellie and her mom made cookies! That girl knows how to bake. I even got sent home with a delicious plate full!!

Thank you Gramkow family for a wonderful evening! To keep up on all things Gramkow, check out the Team Gramkow blog.


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