Family Time | And Then There Were Five

You’ve seen this crew before, but it’s certainly been awhile. They have a whole new person in their family! And she’s a year old now! Meet The Dude’s potential someday girlfriend (or at least bff), Karina! See now, they can both go to Ohio State and be best friends and it will all be good. Anyhow, we had to get creative to squeeze in time to jet up to Lima for some pictures while we were home, but it turned out to be a beautiful evening and the heat had gone away so it was just gorgeous outside. Of course it was. I really was blessed the entire time we were in Ohio with sunny skies and lovely weather. J and her family were their usual awesome, adorable selves and Karina fits right in. I hope you enjoy your photos and next time we can actually schedule time to hang out! =) Love you guys!!

Most Memorable Session Moment: The sigh of relief from the kids when they realized that the park bathrooms were indeed open. 😉 Oh, and the Bubble Attacks of course.

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