Happy Birthday Wonderful Husband!

As most people who bake will tell you, the more times you make a recipe, the better it gets – in most cases. However, every time I make my dear husband’s favorite cake that I discovered several years ago, it just looks worse. The 2nd time around was honestly the worse. The cake was hemmoraging blackberry juice. It was sad. I was practically crying in the kitchen doing triage with frosting and he was just laughing, saying that it would be ok and he was sure it would taste great. That is true, as bad as I am at making this cake look pretty, it always tastes wonderful. But thankfully the first time I made it, it tasted AND looked good, and I was smart enough to take photos. So we’ll just pretend that this is what his cake looked like this time too. Happy Birthday honey. I love you! Next time I’m going to have to mess with the recipe though. Here’s the original recipe. =)















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  • Carla Furry - Ask Charlene how bundt cake pans fare in my household.

  • Katy Perkins - Is it a coincidence that the last couple times you’ve made it there has been a small child in the household?

  • Karyn Kelbaugh - Sadly I cannot blame the child. I think I was just lucky the first time. =)

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