So That Running Thing

I’m trying to run again. No, I’m running again. I’m on week two of an iPhone app Couch to 5k program – which is what you do when you haven’t run in over 9 months and you need something friendly and gentle and bossy to get you moving again. Running while being responsible for another human is a whole new thing. Yes, I did a training program 3 months after he was born and ran in 110 degree heat and did my race and was doing great. That was a temporary set up. It took me this long to even come up with a sustainable plan for accomplishing multiple runs/walks/whatever each week. So far so good is all I can say.

I would like to thank the lovely Alicia Caine for giving me an inspiration boost. If she, who has 6 children, can run, where there are bears about, I can freaking do this. That was a lot of commas. Plus, she posted about the lovely Get Running app which I highly recommend for all runner wanna-bees. Whether you are really just starting or you are trying to re-start after taking a running hiatus, or you just need someone else to plan your runs and tell you what to do for awhile, this is it. You may think a Couch-to-5k app might be “too easy” if you are already a runner, but I say pssssshaaa. I thought so too at first, but then I realized I was just doing my old ‘jogging’ speed for my 8 x 1 min runs in week one and I thought – duh, Karyn. Interval training. So now for all my runs I either run them all as fast as I can, or at least a much faster speed than race speed so I’m getting a much better workout, the Dude likes going fast, and I feel better when it’s all over. Plus, running fast is fun. =)

So here’s to relearning old things in a new way.

Oh, and my current training is helping prepare me to run THIS – in September. How freaking fun is that going to be!


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