Clarity and Priorities

There’s nothing like a real honest break to show you what a hectic mess you have become.

And here I am right back into it. Here’s my own version of You Know You’re Too Busy When.

You Know You’re Too Busy When…

…you don’t have time to do nice things for your friends who just plain deserve nice things (like notes, or surprise coffee, or TIME talking to them) because your brain is so full of to-do worry that all of your just-becauses are pushed aside.

…you daydream about the luxury of getting to sit in front of the tv with your husband in the evenings – because you always are working then instead.

…you start forgetting to do basic mom/wife/person things because you keep pushing that ‘personal’ stuff down to the bottom of your list to put out gotta-do-this fires.

…you finally sort through one of your to-do STACKS (yes, I have to-do stacks), you find things you meant to work on 6-9 months ago. Things you thought were important. Yikes.

Bad bad bad.

I realize that my life should be kind of hectic right now. That’s normal. But all this pushing and craziness has gone a bit too far. When I am actually admitting to myself that it’s time to just chill out a little bit, then you know it’s nuts.

Admission is the first step, right?

So what does that mean? It means that my super full fall just got a lot more chill. Less full of worry, and more full of enjoyment, and deliberateness. And margins. As the wise Danielle put it:

It also means I’m excited for January. For planning next year to maximize all the good stuff, and minimize the time-sucking, tedious and unnecessary distractions. I’ve been (attempting) to go full steam in multiple areas all at once and all that has done (while potentially doing some good) is pulled me in a thousand directions at once. Well I would like my brain back, scattered as it may be, and the time for the craziness is over. I’m excited to plan more fun things to do as a family since the Dude is so active and fun these days. I’m excited to learn something new, like how to shoot a real bow!! that my awesome husband will soon hopefully be teaching me. I’m excited to be devoting more thoughtful attention to my wonderful clients and continuing to work hard using the other side of my brain doing my evaluation work. Ok, so maybe I’m not excited about statistics…but you’d be surprised how much fun it is to know actual facts in a world full of “fact free” information. (I think Mr. Clinton may have said that recently on The Daily Show).

So here’s to saying no a little more, and YES a lot more when it matters.

And to Play.

Take care my friends.

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