That face.

You can see it on his face. ‘Seriously mom, again?’

Yes, again. Forever and ever. He still likes the camera, but there are bits of ‘not now mom’ I see in him once in awhile. He’s almost 2 you know. 😉

I love his blue eyes.

I love how he tries to hold his breath when it’s really windy, like that will help. =)

I love our impromptu kitchen dance parties – and how he comes running if I crank the music up.

I love the way he says paper, no, gesundheit, thankyouwelcome, cheeas-a-way (please), iluvyuuuu, and well, you get the idea.

I love how he skips 7 and 8 when he counts and says 9 at least 5 times.

I love (and am simultaneously terrified for what the future holds) when he spins around with abandon until he falls over, giggles and stumbles up to do it again.

I love how he says again.

So much to love. Almost 2. Can’t believe it.

Oh, and then there’s the Hug Game.

Best. Game. Ever.

I love you buddy.


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  • Carrie - Aww, that’s sweetness right there.

    Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine.

  • Mary Anne Morgan - I LOVE this. So so good, Karyn.

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